About Sawkille

We really love this video and we hope you do too. Thanks to the terrific work of Philip Leaman, Zoie Omega Rizzuto, Gael Towey & Stephen Orr.

Sawkille Co. is a small furniture company in the Catskills. We have been making hand built furniture for the past 15 years. In 2010 we regrouped to create Sawkille Co. opening our headquarters and showroom in Rhinebeck, NY with the collaboration of our friends at Prandoni Fabrication & Design.

We draw from the heritage of the Hudson Valley; from people creating and working to build a life around what is meaningful to them. In reflecting on this heritage and the vibrant community of artisans all around, we feel excited to be a part of what we call Rural American Design.

“I see myself as a sculptor who happens to be running a woodshop,” says Jonah Meyer. “I’m not a traditional woodworker.” As the lead designer of Sawkille Co. in Rhinebeck, New York, Meyer has been busy stamping his own “farmhouse modern” aesthetic on hand­crafted wood stools, tables, and credenzas with purist, striking forms. His most popular pieces take inspiration from classic country furniture, such as Shaker benches and Windsor chairs, but are stripped of excess and designed with a contemporary vibe. Tim McKeough, Elle Decor, March 2012.

We place value in the idea that our furniture will improve in character, through time and use and believe our products will add something lovely and inspiring to the environment that you cultivate.

Working with SAWKILLE Co.

At Sawkille Co. we are steadily generating new pieces to add to our “farmhouse modern” line of pieces.

We are also comfortable customizing most any of our pieces to meet your needs. We will work with you on dimensions, wood selection and finishing options. Giving you access to our designers is part of what has made Sawkille Co. a success; our wood shop works with designers and architects to design and build custom casework and furniture, please inquire if would like to discuss a project. Contact us at info@sawkille.com or call 845 876 2228 for current price lists. Standard lead time for furniture orders is 6-8 weeks.

Guarantee, Furniture Care & Maintenance

Jonah Meyer — Partner, Designer, Artist

Meyer distinguished himself as an artist when he moved to the Catskills after graduating from Rhode Island School of Design in 1993. Meyer utilized the shapes within the forest in developing his signature twig furniture, collected by furniture enthusiasts and clients such as Marshall Chess and Garry Knox Bennett. A return to painting, the beginning of his large, sculptural wood constructions and his current furniture line began with the move of his studio to a large warehouse space in Kingston, NY where he still works. Notably, he was nominated as a sculptor, by Martin Puryear in 2003, for inclusion in a Dorsky Museum show highlighting Hudson Valley Artists. In 2012 Sawkille Co. was an inaugural honoree for the launch of Martha Stewart American Made Awards, highlighting entrepreneurs in the United States.

After 7 years, many installations and the development of a line of furniture, SERV CE STATION was paired down to become SAWKILLE Co. with a new headquarters and a focus on furniture.

Tara De Lisio — Partner

After schooling in Science and then gaining a Master’s in education, Tara DeLisio joined with partner Jonah Meyer to open a rural outpost to showcase Meyer’s work as well as a hand picked group of other wares, many made by DeLisio’s Mom a long time artisan of wood and fiber. Serv ce Station, opened in a sweet, but abandoned 1940’s service station and became a roadside attraction in the Catskills. Inspiration came from collaborating on designs, handling sales, hosting events and creating the Serv ce Station brand. Serv ce Station, became a space to meet many of the interesting people living in and visiting the Catskill region and a boutique of creative oddities. It was during these years that they built a relationship with future collaborators Stuart and Matthew Verrilli of Prandoni Design. After 7 eclectic years as Serv ce Station, DeLisio and Meyer agreed it was time to evolve and from this SAWKILLE Co. was born.

Prandoni Fabrication & Design, Matthew and Stewart Verrilli — Collaborators

The Verrilli brothers grew up in Rhinebeck, NY. Stewart graduated in 1987 from PRATT in Industrial Design and after employment as an ID and special effects model maker he returned upstate to start Prandoni with brother Matt.

The Verrillis’ father had introduced them to two brothers from Prandoni Farm in Brescia, of Northern Italy. It was the namesake farm that inspired the American brothers to unite and recreate that same atmosphere in their business together and become Prandoni Fabrication & Design. 13 years into it they are known for not only their skill and ability in the shop but their commitment to community, friendship & family.

The Tremper Building which now houses showroom and headquarters for SAWKIILE Co. was first owned by the Verrilli’s grandfather – after years of collaborating with Jonah Meyer and Serv ce Station on sculptural and furniture projects, punk rock basement concerts and sharing the adventure of self employment, the Verrilli’s offered up a new space to inspire growth and community presence for what is now SAWKILLE Co.

Responsible for the resolution of the design on all the metal components in SAWKILLE’s furniture, Prandoni has infiltrated their regard for people and community as well as their distinctive metal work, into what SAWKILLE Co. is all about.